GithHub and Git Bash, how commit

Now we focus on how commit and what is exactly is a branch.

git status

We have to include every change to our commit.
Type git add Assets and git status too see the effective changes

As you can see, my Assets folder is been added
If we have a lot of folders to add, the shortcut to use is
git add .

if want, use git status to control the effective changes.

Now we have to commit the changes, with
git commit -m “Created new Unity project.”
Hit enter, so we put all folders in the commit.

Then, type
git commit -m and the name of commit within “ ”
I call “test”
git commit -m “Test”

To finish, we have to push on the server, so type
git push origin master
to push in origin my master branch

Now, if resfresh GitHub page, we see the commit

For more detail, click on commit

Is really important have a version control and commit often.

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