GameDev : Main Menu (Part I)!

Matteo Lo Piccolo
2 min readJun 22, 2021


Our project, even if it’s not finish and need to polish, it starting to seem a “real” Game.
Before go deep, let’s try to set up a starting Menu!

Menu is nothing more than a simple Scene.
So, we create a new Scene “Main Menu”

We need a background, and we create an image and name it “Title Screen”

I have this image in my project, and I add it to the Title Screen

Reset the position to 0 ,0 ,0 and “Preserv aspect”

Now if you look at your image, here we see the Dimension

Mine is 512 x512

Use this nubers to set Witdh and Height

Now, as we didd for the Game, change the camera setting from Skybox to Solid Color and change that color to black

To end this part, change free aspect to 16:9, drag and drop the Background into the Scen and stretch it

Next section we look at how to add the Button!



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