GameDev : Background Music + Audiosource (Part I)!

Now that our game looks good, it’s time to add AUDIO!
Exactly like other things, we need an Audio Manager to manage every sound in the game.

Let’s start by creating an Audio Manager

and we need to add it a component for audio, the Audio Source

There are many option, like loop, start track on Awake, etc.
For now, we want the Background music.
We have the Audio Manager with Audio Source component.
A good thing to do is create a child object called Background, remove Audiosource from Audio Manager and add directly into Background

In my project I have some audio track, if you want this is a good site to download free sound

What we do now is simply drag the audio into the AudioSource

Because this is a Background track, be sure to check Play on Awake and Loop

Now save the scene and press Play

As soon as the game starts, the audio track starts immediately



Matteo Lo Piccolo

Matteo Lo Piccolo


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